MilGPS User Guide

This user guide contains instructions for how to achieve common tasks using MilGPS, as well as background information and design objectives.

Note: Screenshots in this guide may vary slightly from the screenshots you see in the app itself.

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  1. Background
    1. Background
    2. Usage
  2. Screens
    1. Common Elements
    2. Location Screen
    3. Navigate Screen
    4. Map Screens
      1. Map Screen
      2. Map settings screen
    5. Overlay Screens
      1. Overlays screen
      2. Point Detail / Edit Point Screen
      3. Waypoints Screen
    6. Settings Screen
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Can I save maps for offline use?
    2. Does the app work without cell coverage?
    3. How accurate is the app?
    4. Is my information secure?
    5. Why are MGRS grids truncated instead of rounded?
    6. Why are UTM grids rounded instead of truncated?
  4. Common Tasks
    1. Creating/Editing/Deleting a Point
    2. Fix Location Errors
    3. Get Coordinates for your Current Location
    4. Navigate to a Point
    5. Sharing