History Screen

The history calendar lets you display the history for up to 8 habits. You can scroll the calendar up and down to view different dates.

Open circles in the history calendar mean that a habit was due on a day but was not completed. A filled in circle means that a habit was completed on that day. A grey circle means either that no habit is currently assigned to that slot, or that a habit was neither due nor completed on that day.

Choosing what habits to display

You can have as many habits as you like, but only 8 habits can be displayed at a time on the history calendar (due to screen space). Therefore, you need to tell the app which habits you want to display.

To display the history for a habit or habits:

  1. On the history screen, press the “edit” button.
  2. The edit calendar screen will appear. Each row on this screen corresponds to a particular slot on the history calendar.
  3. Tap a row to choose the habit that should be assigned to it.

Editing prior days

To edit a prior day, tap the day you want to edit in the history calendar. A screen similar to the habit list screen above will appear where you can complete/uncomplete habits for that day.


To re-centre the calendar to today’s date, tap the today button in the bottom left corner.