Settings Screen

Week starts on

Choose which day of the week you want the history calendar to show first. Any day of the week can be chosen.

Day ends at

Choose what time you want your days to end. This is useful if you complete habits after midnight but want them to count for the day just passed. Set this to the time you typically go to bed.


Choose between a light theme or a dark theme. This will affect the appearance of all parts of the app, although the app icon will not change.

Show badge icon

Choose whether you want to display a badge on the app icon showing how many goals are remaining for the day. Goals that are due but not yet complete will be counted. This will automatically change to the number due for the next day at the time you specify your day ends (see above).

Daily reminder

Choose whether you want a daily reminder to appear at a time of your choosing. Reminders will only appear on days where habits are scheduled and not yet complete. Reminders are scheduled when you close the app or lock your phone and will not appear if you are already in the app.

Passcode lock

Here you can set a passcode lock for the app. It is recommended that you use a different passcode for daily goals and that you ensure you remember it - forgotten passcodes cannot be recovered. Please note that even with the passcode lock turned on your data is not encrypted. The passcode lock only provides protection against the casual user.